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Reporting Problems

If you or your older relative experiences problems at the senior center, you are encouraged to report them and get them resolved so that the participant may continue to enjoy and benefit from center activities.

Reporting to Center Staff

Usually, the most effective method for reporting problems is to bring them to the attention of the center staff or center director. If the problem involves a member of the staff, start by talking with that individual first. If that step does not resolve the problem, talk with the center director. If the problem persists, contact the supervisor.

Reporting to the Advisory Council

Depending on the nature of the problem, the center advisory board or council may be another avenue for resolving problems. Councils have established guidelines for reporting concerns. The board may require that the issue be presented in writing, or, in some cases, it may allow members to bring up problems from the floor during a membership meeting.

Other Avenues for Reporting Problems

If the problem is not resolved with the assistance of center staff or the center council, a senior may also bring a concern to the local Area Agency on Aging, the local Commission on Aging, the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) or local elected officials. More information is available on the roles that NISC and Commissions on Aging play in senior centers.

Regardless of the avenue used to voice a concern, center staff are generally involved in resolving senior center problems.