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Legal Documents

Image of a hang holding a pen.Have you ever wondered where to find a form to complete a living will or an advance directive? Senior centers in Maryland have supplies of certain legal or official forms. These forms can usually be found where brochures and pamphlets are displayed. In some centers, however, you may have to ask a staff member for these forms. Center staff does not assist with completing legal forms, but they can direct you to help, if needed.

Legal or official forms that may be found in senior centers include:

  • Living Wills
  • Advance Directives
  • Voter's Registration Forms

For information about wills, estates and probate or to learn how to register a will, the Maryland Register of Wills offers information and links to local registers.

Registration Documents

If you wish to participate in a senior center on a regular basis you may be asked to register to become a center member. This process takes five to fifteen minutes. It usually involves filling out forms, meeting center staff or volunteers, taking a tour of the facility, and learning about the center's programs and services.

Documents You May Need to Show in Order to Register

  • Driver's license or proof of age
  • Proof of residency
  • Social Security card or number

Documents You May be Asked to Sign

  • Exercise Release Form –Those taking exercise classes or using fitness equipment in senior centers may be asked to sign a release form. By signing this form you agree that you have consulted your doctor about exercise activities, recognize that you are aware of risk factors, and release the senior center, parent organization, staff, or instructors from liability arising from, or connected to, exercise activities at the senior center.
  • Consent to Obtain or Give Medical Information – By signing this form you give permission to center staff to discuss issues related to your health and welfare with social workers or health care professionals. This form is most commonly used for programs or services for less active or health-impaired seniors.
  • Photographic Release Form – By signing this form you give permission for your picture to be taken within the senior center and to be reproduced for use in any medium, including distribution to electronic and/or print media, and/or film, tape, etc.

Who Signs the Forms?
In most cases, senior center members sign the forms described above. The exception is for seniors who have a legal guardian of the person. For those individuals, the guardian of person signs all documents.