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Description of Services

Senior centers offer a variety of social, recreational and educational activities. The nature and scope of services and programs vary from center to center. Large centers may offer dozens of programs a day, from computer classes to tennis lessons. Smaller centers typically offer fewer activities.


The following activities, services and programs may be available in Senior Centers:

Hours of Operation

Most senior centers in Maryland are open Monday through Friday. However, some of the smaller centers may be open less frequently. Centers usually begin operation between 7a.m. and 9 a.m. and close between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Some centers offer special programming in the evenings and on weekends. Contact your local senior center for their hours of operation.

Local Information

For information on center activities, call the senior center in your area. You can also call your local Maryland Access Point (MAP) Office for information on services available in senior centers.


John Lacey only comes to his center once or twice a week to play basketball on the senior men's team.

Mary and John Brady come to dance classes twice a week. They also attend the First Friday dance and any other dances offered as part of the special events at their center.

Louise Barnes can be found at her senior center at least three days a week. On Mondays she volunteers all morning at the reception desk and takes a class in the afternoon. On Tuesdays she takes water aerobics and then offers free blood pressure screening as a volunteer nurse. On Thursdays she works on outreach and public relations for the center. Every six weeks she volunteers for several days to proof read Time of Your Life Digest, the Department of Aging's newspaper. She visits a homebound senior once a week through the Department of Aging's Home Team Program. Recently she was trained and became certified to offer seminars on Emergency Preparedness to community groups.