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Local Ombudsman Services

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is an advocacy program that works to protect the rights and promote the well-being of residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The Older Americans Act, a federal law, established the Ombudsman Program in 1965. Every state in the nation has an Ombudsman Program. In Maryland, each county has a local Ombudsman Program.


Ombudsman Program staff and volunteers are trained to:

  • Help residents resolve complaints through investigation, negotiation, mediation and advocacy
  • Educate residents, family members and facility staff about residents' rights
  • Aid resident and family councils in identifying and resolving group concerns
  • Clarify and communicate concerns on behalf of residents to the appropriate staff members and help all parties find acceptable solutions to problems
  • Work to improve the quality of life and care of nursing home residents
  • Visit, educate and advocate for nursing home residents

If you are not able to resolve issues on your own and want help, call the local Maryland Access Point (MAP) Office and ask for the Ombudsman Program in your area. There is no fee for this service. All complaints are confidential and no information is released without the approval of the resident or his/her legal decision maker.

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