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A Message from the Director of the Baltimore County Department of Aging

Dear Baltimore County Resident:

Image of Joanne Williams.With the ever-increasing number of individuals age 65 and up, it is inevitable that you know of an older individual in need of additional resources to maintain independence in the community. The Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) is committed to provide information and resources to promote the best quality of life for Baltimore County’s senior residents. We are pleased to present this website filled with information and resources to assist in supporting senior adults. Whether you are a caregiver or just planning for the future, this website is a great place to start.

Taking Care of Mom and Dad is designed to provide easy searches and access to information about many programs and services. It includes descriptions, eligibility requirements and contact information for a wide variety of services, presented in a manner that allows you to search for a specific agency, or a general type of resource.

We encourage the use of this site as a starting point to discovering the many options available to assist seniors. We’ve included frequently asked questions based on the many experiences of our staff while assisting seniors and their families. To learn about the many resources our agency offers, please visit the Baltimore County Department of Aging section of this website by clicking on the BCDA logo in the lower left corner.

To move into the Taking Care of Mom and Dad site, use the menu on the left. For additional information about Baltimore County Department of Aging, call Maryland Access Point at 410-887-2594.


Joanne Williams
Baltimore County Department of Aging