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A Message from the Baltimore County Commission on Aging

We are proud to present this web site, Taking Care of Mom and Dad, to our fellow residents of Baltimore County. One of the goals of the Commission on Aging is to support the Department of Aging's effort to increase knowledge about resources for senior adults in the county. This website is one of the many ways we, in conjunction with the Department of Aging, are pursuing this goal. We are confident that this comprehensive guide will become the primary resource you need to help your senior relatives and friends. We encourage you to use this convenient site over and over, whenever you desire information about services for senior adults.


Signatre of Cynthia Allen.

The Baltimore County Commission on Aging

Cynthia D. Allen
Virginia L. Billian, M.D.
Dr. Frances T. Bond
Donald A. Gabriel, J.D., Ph.D.
Allen T. Hirsch, III
William Lambert
Eula Marshall
Roy G. Moreland
Mabel Murray, Ed.D.
Anne Z. Perry
Sheila H. Roman, M.D.
Marlene B. Siegel
Sherita Thomas
Melody Truffer
Catherine M. Ward