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Reporting Problems

If you or your loved one experiences problems related to services provided in the home, you have several options for reporting them:

  • Discuss the issue with the staff person directly
  • Speak with the employee's supervisor
  • Write a formal letter of complaint to the agency
  • File a complaint with the appropriate licensing agency

In Maryland, the Department of Health licenses health care programs. Boards within the Department of Health oversee professionals in each discipline.

The Office of Health Care Quality in the Department of Health monitors Home Health Agencies. The unit that investigates complaints about home health agencies can be reached by calling 410-402-8040 or 1-800-492-6005. If you or your loved one is not satisfied with the care provided by any of the staff in a home health agency, you may contact the Office of Health Care Quality or you may file a complaint with the individual board that licenses the employee of the agency. The professionals employed by home health agencies, and their respective boards, are listed below:

Social Workers are licensed by the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners.

Nurses and nursing assistants are licensed or certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

Physical Therapists are licensed by the Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.

Occupational Therapists are licensed by the Board of Occupational Therapy Practice.

Pharmacy and Pharmacist complaints may be made to the Maryland Board of Pharmacy.

Complaints about other health professions may be made to their respective boards.

Billing Complaints
The Office of the Maryland Attorney General has devoted an entire section of its Consumer Protection Division to help consumers resolve billing problems with health care providers. The Health Education and Advocacy Unit can be contacted by calling 410-528-1840 or 1-877-261-8807. This office will also assist consumers who want to appeal a health plan claim.

Complaints With Other Businesses
The Better Business Bureau helps resolve consumers' disputes with businesses through telephone conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

The Maryland Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division also investigates consumer complaints about businesses. The number to call is 410-528-8662 or 1-888-743-0023.

Suspected Abuse
If you believe an older individual is being abused you may also want to make an Adult Protective Services complaint to the Adult Services Unit of the local Department of Social Services office. In Baltimore County, the phone number is 410-853-3000.