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In order to be an informed consumer, it is important to understand the rules under which programs you may use operate and the standards to which service providers are held accountable. This section includes information on specific sections from the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) that apply to the licensed providers discussed in the Independent Living section. The portions of the regulations of greatest interest to participants are identified below.

Community-Based Health-Related Services: Community Mental Health Services—Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs

In-home Services: Home Health Care Agencies

  • COMAR Covered Services:
    This section describes the specific services a home health care agency must provide, including skilled nursing services and the services of a home health aide, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist and mental health professionals.
  • COMAR Patient's Bill of Rights:
    This regulation requires that all patients, clients or designated representatives be given a written statement of the Patient's Bill of Rights. The regulation further specifies what information must be in the Bill of Rights.
  • COMAR Rehabilitation Services:
    This regulation defines what types of rehabilitation therapy services must be available in order for a provider to state they offer a full array of physical rehabilitation services.

Specialized Transportation Programs: Medical Assistance Transportation Program

  • COMAR Services to Recipients:
    This regulation outlines the services that must be provided to recipients of the Medical Assistance Transportation Program. It includes detailed screening criteria to determine if there is a justifiable need for transportation.