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Resident's Rights

As a family member, it is important for you to know the rights of assisted living residents, as defined by the Code of Maryland Regulations. Those rights are summarized below.

A resident has the right to:

  • Be treated with consideration, respect, and full recognition of human dignity and individuality.
  • Receive treatment, care, and services that are adequate, appropriate and in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Privacy in one's room, including the right to have staff knock on the door before entering.
  • Be free from mental, verbal, sexual and physical abuse, neglect, involuntary seclusion and exploitation.
  • Be free from physical and chemical restraints.
  • Have one's personal information treated with confidentiality.
  • Attend or not attend religious services; receive visits from clergy.
  • Possess and use one's own personal clothing and other personal possessions and have reasonable security for these items.
  • Determine one's own dress, hairstyle, and other personal effects according to individual preference, as long as personal hygiene of resident is not compromised.
  • Meet with any individual subject to posted restrictions on visiting hours and visiting places within the facility.
  • Complain or present grievances without threat or fear of retaliation.
  • Receive a prompt response to complaints, through an established grievance procedure.
  • Have access to procedures for making complaints to state and local regulatory and advocacy agencies.
  • Receive and send private correspondence, and have access to tools for writing.
  • Have access to a telephone.
  • Receive notification before a change is made in roommates and have input into the choice of roommate, to the extent possible.
  • Refuse medical treatment after the possible consequences of refusing treatment are explained.
  • Share a room with one's spouse if this is feasible and both parties agree.
  • Not be assigned to do any work at the facility without the resident's consent and appropriate compensation.

Assisted living programs are required to post a copy of the Resident's Rights in a conspicuous location in the facility.

More information is available on assisted living regulations.