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Description of Services

Assisted living is a residential program for adults with physical or mental impairments who need help with activities such as personal care, mobility, medication management and household chores. Assisted living provides meals, supportive services and 24-hour supervision.

These services allow residents to live in a safe, home-like setting and to be as independent as possible. If your older relative is no longer able to live in his or her own home but does not require daily nursing care, assisted living may be an option to explore.

Assisted living facilities are licensed, regulated and inspected by the State of Maryland.

Types of Facilities

Assisted living programs vary greatly in terms of size and services offered. Some are small, private residences for two or three individuals, while others are large complexes with over 100 residents. Some are freestanding facilities, while others are affiliated with Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Fees range from $1,000 to $6,000 per month. This section provides more detailed information on the services offered in assisted living facilities, and the types of facilities available.


After my dad died, my mom was afraid to stay in their house by herself. She was lonely and wanted to go out to see her friends but she couldn't drive. I noticed that she sometimes forgot to eat regularly and take her pills on schedule. She didn't want to live with me because my house is far away from her friends and because she dislikes my dogs. I knew she didn't need to go to a nursing home. An assisted living facility had opened up last year in her neighborhood and, though it took a while to persuade her to enter, she is now very happy there. The facility has an elevator, they monitor my mother's medications and meals, and there are other women there for her to visit with.