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Reporting Problems

Staff Members

If problems arise with a member of the staff at a day center, you have several options for reporting them.

Other Participants

If problems arise with other participants at the center, you may:

Most problems are resolved at the center level, but it is helpful to know all of the alternatives.

Suspected Abuse

If you believe a participant is being abused you should, at a minimum, contact a professional staff person at the center (program director, nurse, social worker or activities coordinator). You may also wish to make an Adult Protective Services complaint to the Adult Services Unit of the local Department of Social Services. In Baltimore County the phone number for Protection Services to Adults is (410) 853-3000. All Maryland subdivisions have a Department of Social Services and the staff there will direct you to the Adult Protective Services Unit.

Staff also has a responsibility to report suspected abuse of older and disabled persons to Adult Protective Services.