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In order to be an informed consumer of adult medical day services, it is important to understand the rules under which these programs operate and the standards to which they are held accountable.

This section includes information on specific sections from the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) that apply to Adult Medical Day Centers in Maryland, all of which must be licensed by the Maryland Department of Health. The portions of the regulations of greatest interest to participants are identified below:

  • COMAR Administration: This section identifies basic requirements that all centers must meet to operate, including required policies, procedures and goals.
  • COMAR Program Components-Required Services and Program Components: This section specifies the types of service all adult day centers must provide. These include nursing services, nutrition services, transportation, activities programs, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), exercise and rest and counseling. Optional services are also identified. It further details the types of assessments that are required, the need for an interdisciplinary care plan and procedures to follow regarding attendance.
  • COMAR Health Regulations: This section mandates the content and frequency of physical assessments, how medical treatment and emergencies must be addressed, the need for staff training in First Aid and CPR, medication policies and procedures, nutrition requirements and days and hours of operation.
  • COMAR Staff: Staffing patterns are identified in this section, as are staff training requirements and the need for Personnel Policies.

Medical Assistance

Adult Medical Day Centers that receive Medical Assistance (Medicaid) funding must also adhere to the following regulations:

The persons responsible for ensuring compliance with the above regulations are the Licensing Agent and the Medical Day Care Services Coordinator.