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Under Maryland regulations the social worker at the adult medical day center is responsible for discharge planning and referral services.

Initiated Discharge

By the Resident or Representative

The participant (or his or her family) may initiate discharge for reasons that include:

  • The participant does not enjoy the activities of the center
  • The participant cannot afford the cost
  • The participant has moved to another setting such as:

By the Facility

The adult medical day center may initiate discharge for these reasons:

  • Changes in the participant's health
    • The participant's health improves to the point that medical day services are not needed.
    • The participant's health declines and the level of assistance needed with activities of daily living (ADLs) increases beyond that which the center can provide.
  • Behavioral changes
    • The participant's behavior becomes abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate and cannot be controlled with behavior modification or medication.
  • Non-payment
    • The payer does not pay the bill despite multiple attempts by the center to collect payment.

Discharge Planning

Regardless of the reason for discharge, the adult day center social worker is responsible for discharge planning and must provide a written discharge summary with post-discharge goals and recommendations for continuing care. The social worker is also responsible for providing referral information to other agencies in the community that provide services needed by the older individual.

The written discharge summary is important if your loved one is going to another facility or program. The referral information is important if you will continue assisting the participant with living in the community. If you would like additional information about the resources available to older persons you may call the Senior Information and Assistance Office (SIA) in your area. The Senior Information and Assistance Office of Baltimore County can be reached by telephone at 410-887-2594.