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Support for Caregivers

Providing care to an older person can be stressful, difficult and at times, overwhelming. One of the positive outcomes provided by adult day centers is that they provide an opportunity for caregivers to "get a break" from the stress of caregiving. Having your loved one attend an adult day center can provide the break you need with their helpful services and opportunities for your loved one.

Emotional Support

The adult day center may provide you the emotional support for which you have been searching. Many centers offer support groups for caregivers and opportunities to meet with others who are in similar situations. At support groups, caregivers can vent, solve problems, laugh and cry about those day-to-day experiences that people outside of the situation just don't understand.

The opportunity to spend time alone, go to work or spend time with family is priceless to many caregivers. Use the adult day center staff as support for your loved one, and as support for yourself.