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Description of Services

A licensed adult medical day center serves adults with mental or physical disabilities who wish to live in the community, but who cannot remain at home alone during the day. It provides daytime care (less than 24 hours a day) in a group setting outside the participant's home. In most cases, the individual has a caregiver who works or needs a break during the day but who can provide care at nights and on weekends.

Some participants attend five days a week (for example while their caregiver works); others attend only a few days each week. Adult day centers can help the client by offering medical care, recreational services and socialization not available at home. Day centers can help the caregiver by offering a break or the support he or she needs to continue full-time employment.


An adult medical day center licensed in the state of Maryland provides the following services:

Additional services that may be offered include:

Additional Information

Hours of Operation

Adult day centers can operate up to seven days per week, with hours ranging from as early as 7 a.m. to as late as 7 p.m. Check with the specific centers you are considering for their hours of operation. If you need early or late hours to accommodate your work schedule, make sure to select a program that offers expanded or “respite” hours.

Individualized Plans

The adult day center staff develops an individualized plan of care for each participant, in consultation with the participant's personal physician. Most participants at adult day centers are senior citizens, but younger individuals with disabilities can also benefit from the services of a day center program.

Some centers choose to serve only senior adults. Other centers may specialize in caring for a particular group of people, such as those with chronic mental illnesses. Ask the centers you are considering about their services.


"My mom lived with us for five years before she became too confused to stay at home alone. I didn't want to place her in a nursing home, but I couldn't afford to quit work to take care of her full-time. Thank goodness I found an adult day center. Their van picks her up in the morning and they take care of her all day. She stays for the extended hours at night and I pick her up on my way home."