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Counseling and Social Work Services

It can be stressful, frustrating, even depressing, for an older person recuperating from a recent illness or adjusting to changes in lifestyle due to a stroke, heart attack or memory problems. It can be almost as difficult for family and friends.

Image of a female social worker and an elderly male talking at a table.

A social worker licensed in the state of Maryland is available at the day center to provide counseling services. The social worker can also refer you and your loved one to other services that can help you.

Adult day centers offer many services, but sometimes services are needed at home to enable the older person to remain in the community. Some products/services the social worker can help you find are:

  • Medical Equipment and Home Modifications – If medical supply items and convenience items could help your loved one manage daily activities more easily, the social worker can help assess his or her needs and refer you to a supplier. (For example, items such as grab bars for the bathroom, a raised toilet seat or a wheelchair ramp may allow your loved one to remain more independent at home.)
  • Home Health Care – If your loved one needs help at home on the days he or she is not attending the day center, the social worker can help assess his or her needs and provide you with information about hiring a home health aide or companion.
  • Financial Assistance – If your loved one would benefit from attending the day center five days a week but just cannot afford to do so, the social worker can describe available funding for adult day services.

Benefits of Counseling

No one plans to have a chronic illness or condition that makes him or her dependent on others for basic things like bathing, cooking, walking or toileting. As these illnesses and conditions are unexpected, few people know how to deal with them when they become a part of an older person's life. There are trained staff members at adult day centers to provide counseling, information, education and support for the older person, the family and friends.

Counseling and support for you and your loved one is very important. Having a person listen to your problems, fears and frustrations can help. Some adult day centers organize support groups for the family and friends of participants. A support group offers a place to talk with others in the same situation, to vent feelings, discuss solutions and provide encouragement. When you are looking at adult day centers, ask if they have a support group or if they are planning to start one.